Sunday, August 3, 2008

Adventures in Cheeseland

Addy's appointments at Children's this past Monday went very well. We went to see Dr. Yoon first and he was VERY pleased with the result of Addy's eye surgeries. He let us know that he is not surprised however Addy needs glasses. He did an exam and determined her prescription that she needs. He also gave us the name of an office that specializes in children's eye wear. We went there after Addy's appointments and there was only one pair we could pick from. She'll be getting them this week. I can't wait for her to have them so she can focus on things better. Should be an interesting change! She looks INSANELY cute with them on. They are little tiny glasses with wire frames. No worries - I'll make sure to post a photo next week!

The appointment with the Pulmonologist went very well. He seemed pretty pleased with how well Addison is doing after all she has been through. He doesn't want to change anything right yet with her oxygen as she is doing what she should be doing right now - getting bigger. Addy's lung damage will continue to get smaller as she gets larger so with it being summer and she's able to be out and about - he wants to leave her alone. He warned us that this winter will most likely be a tough one for Addy and to pretty much expect a few visits to the ER with colds and such. Keep your fingers crossed that she remains as healthy as she has been! To make a long story short - she's staying on the oxygen for a bit.

The rest of the week went well for Addy. She had her OT, PT and SLP. ALL were very impressed with how well Addy is doing. She continues doing better and better. Her physical therapist that gave us hamstring exercises has already noticed a decrease of tone in her legs! I'm so happy that all the time we spend with Addy, keeping her active, is helping!

Finally, we went to Wisconsin Dells for a little trip with Addy, Auntie Shelly, Auntie Anne and our friends Matthew and Kevin. We had a GREAT time. Addy slept the entire way (2.5 hours) AND back! Addison went on her first boat ride on Saturday. She seemed to enjoy it! She also had her first swimming adventure! She didn't seem to know what to think about it. She was okay in the water as long as Mama was holding her however when her arm would fall into the water unexpectedly, she would get fussy. She did awesome the entire weekend. She's such a well behaved baby. It was a nice and relaxing time - and definitely needed. Enjoy the pictures below!

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