Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I can see clearly now...

So, so sorry for the delay in post this week! We kept forgetting to bring the camera upstairs and I know everyone loves to get their weekly Addy fix! Especially now that our girl has her specs! We all had a great week last week.

All of Addison's therapies are going insanely well. The therapists seem so happy with how Addy is doing. Her new nickname is "Rockstar" from her Occupational Therapist, Robin. Our goal is still to get Addy more excited with tummy time as it continues to be one of her least favorite things. When she sleeps, I try to get her onto her tummy on my chest so she gets some. Addy's Speech Therapist, Gail, seems pretty confident that Addy will be testing out the waters with a bottle some point in the near future.

On Thursday last week, Dee Dee, Shelly, Addy and Kevin went to the March for Babies Award Breakfast. March of Dimes was presenting The Addy Mac Pack with a 'platinum' award for raising over $12,000 earlier this year. The award is really nice, it's a glass plaque with our team name engraved on it. Our team name was also shown at the breakfast and will also be in next year's March for Babies brochure! One of the women that works for March of Dimes is trying to recruit Dee Dee into being on the committee. Dee Dee is seriously considering it.

After the breakfast, Addy went to pick up her glasses! She looks SO cute with them. Kind of a mini Harry Potter. Everyone says she looks very intellectual. We agree of course because we know she's a smart cookie. She loves her glasses though! She gets really upset when she wakes up and doesn't have them on! She's a lot more interactive and alert. It's super cute. We go back to Dr. Yoon in a couple of weeks to get his thoughts.

This past weekend was pretty fun. On Saturday, we took Addy to Rainforest Cafe for her 9 month birthday. Yes folks - she is 9 months old. It's hard to believe! She's getting so big. Anyway - she LOVED Rainforest Cafe. She was totally mesmerised by the aquariums all over the place. Good thing we don't mind the food there because I think we'll be going back from time to time! Sunday we drove up to Madison for my cousin Sarah's bridal shower. We had a great time with all the ladies. My cousin Tara's baby was there too who is 7 weeks. Nicholas is pretty much the same size as Addison. They were checking each other out. It was really cute. After the shower we went to Janesville and hung out with my Dad and Jill. They snuggled with Addy for a bit before we headed home.

That's about it for this update all. Things are going great for all of us. Talk to you next week!

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Claudia Romano said...

She looks so cute with those glasses I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!! What a little princess !