Friday, May 8, 2009

"Breaking" News

This just in... Addy got her first tooth!

Addison Mackenzie Gile
Such a precious little girl!

Addy & Mama love to swim.

Swimming swimming!

Mama & Addy's Foot Photos!

Mommy & Addy at Uncommon Ground

Uncle Matthew before the Race to Wrigley!
Mommy & Addy before the Race to Wrigley!

Uncle Matthew & Addy

Uncle Kevin & Addy

Grandpa Wally & Addy playing on the floor

Mama & Addy smiling!

Blog Update 1 of 2 (Scroll Down)

The Next Picasso

Hi there! It's me Addy, I know my Mommy hasn't written in a while so she's asked me and Mama to give everyone an update.

I've been doing very well the past couple of months since my shunt surgery. I've been getting taller but I lost one pound after being in the hospital and haven't been able to gain it back yet. My mom's were concerned since my reflux has been really acting up lately so they took me to a GI specialist yesterday.

Dr. Bass was really nice. He sat and talked with us for quite a while and asked our opinions. He said I am undernourished. My moms felt pretty badly about that but I am just happy they trusted their judgement and brought me to see him!

Now I am going to have a continuous feed running all evening for about 10-12 hours and three smaller feeds during the day. I started it last night and only threw up one time this morning but I really think it was because of allergies! He also started me on an over the counter medicine called Miralax so that I don't have to work so hard to poop! (I know, I know... TMI!)

Hmmm.... what else has been going on in my life? Well, I've been couped up indoors all Winter so I definitely had cabin fever and am so excited it is finally Spring! I've spent time outside with my Auntie and also have taken some walks with my Mama. I've also tagged along on a couple of my mom's date nights to Borders where my Mama read me bunches of books while my Mommy read her magazines.

Oh yeah, how could I forget! My Mommy turned 30 on March 27th! She really had a rough time with it, she tells me it is because 40 is next. I gave her a gift anyway.... Auntie Shelly helped me come up with the idea! I painted Mommy a picture!
Yes, I painted my first picture for my Mommy's present. Auntie took lots of pictures of me and framed them as a keepsake. My Mommy said it was the best present she's ever received! I am so proud of myself!
My Mama & Auntie surprised her with 30 guitar lawn ornaments!

My family and friends walked in the Chicago and Janesville March for Babies walks in April. Thank you to everyone for their support, we've raised $12,119 so far! Donations can be accepted until the end of this month if you are still interested.
Here are some pictures from the walks...
Well, I am getting tired and crabby so my Mama is going to finish up the rest of the update in another post.
Love you all!