Tuesday, June 2, 2009

**Warning** This Blog Contains MANY Pictures!

Mother's Day Weekend
* * *
Grandma read Addy the very same Curious little kitten book that she read to all of her babies!
Grandpa spent as much time as he could with Addy!


We took Addy to Build-A-Bear for her 18 month Birthday!
She made a princess bear. She got to choose the animal, the outfit and everything - such a big girl!

We opened presents on Mother's Day and Grandma very much liked hers!

Here are some more Mother's Day pictures!

We had a photo op outside Grandma's house!


Mother's Day Dinner at Houlihan's with Granny!

Our overnight stay in Schaumburg to go swimming!

Our trip to Atlanta to visit Uncle Matt, Aunt Andrea and cousins Alex & Katie!

We had so much fun! The kids loved Addy and she loved them too!

Tickle Tickle Addy's feet!
Alex bought this book for Addy and read it to her!

Alex and Katie both enjoyed pushing Addy in her stroller!

We visited the Georgia Aquarium!
Katie pushing up Addy's glasses, again! ~*~ Alex caught sleeping upside down!
Fun times at the outlet mall!
Lego madness!

Pipe cleaner fun!

I LOVE origami!

Magnetic Doll Fun!


Trip to Mall of America in Minneapolis!

Home again!


Michelle said...

i love all-picture blogs!

RosaPatano said...

Thanks for sharing Addy's pictures, I enjoy reading and sharing in her journey. She's a lucky little lady to have to awesome mommies.

Rosa (chicago)