Monday, June 29, 2009

A Journey of Love and Hope

Hi there! Addison is doing well despite her reflux. We think she may have allergies that are aggravating her reflux even worse. We started her on some Benadryl so hopefully we will start to see some improvement. We see her GI doctor again in July so we will keep you posted. She has gained a tiny bit of weight, she is 18 pounds! Hope to keep packing some weight on her! We've been doing some fun things here and there this summer.
Here are some pictures:

Also, wanted to share that I have been writing a book. It is a memoir of Addison's journey. I hope to have it finished by the end of the year. I am also "writing" another book, a compilation of stories from families that had a baby in the NICU.

If you are a NICU parent, former preemie, NICU graduate and are interested in writing a short story to be included in the book, please let me know. My hope is that it will get published so Greta and I can use the money to start a non-profit organization to help other families. Even if it didn't get to publishing I will be having it bound and shared with NICUs for their family waiting rooms.

Journey of Love and Hope
A compilation of inspiring stories from NICU families.

I would be looking for a 1-3 (8.5x11) page, double spaced short story about your journey.... can be anything you want to make it. If you want to talk about a particular day or the whole stay or if you want to just give a tiny bit of history of the NICU and focus on the present. I would like all types of stories to inspire parents and to help those that also need to heal from a loss. If you do write a piece can you please include two pictures, one of your baby in the NICU and one of your child today? Each story will simply be titled the baby's first name.

I am also thinking about sprinkling some stories from NICU nurses, neonatologists, RTs, surgeons etc. about their journey as a life saving professional. If any of you are interested please send me your story! It can be general or about a specific baby/family or just about you - whatever you want to make it. If it is about a specific family you will need to get their permission to publish a story about them. If you know other NICU parents or families that might be interested please share this with them. All stories and pictures can be emailed to me at...

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

Dee Dee

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