Thursday, March 5, 2009

Guess who's back???

That's right! This is a picture of Miss Addy about 2 hours post op. Addy went in for shunt revision surgery around 3:30 today. The surgery went pretty quickly. The Neurosurgeon let us know that the portion of her shunt that goes into the ventricles of her brain was completely clogged and that this IS how Addy reacts when she is having a shunt malfunction. He let us know that they were just finishing getting her back into her room and that the nurse would let us know when we could see her. He was very pleased with how surgery went.

The nurse came and got us shortly after and we walked into Addy's room where our little squirt greeted us with the biggest grin. I instantly started crying that our girl was back! She was smiley and talking. You could tell she felt SO much better.

Big, BIG thank you to all of you for sending positive vibes to Addy today. It obviously paid off.

Below is a picture of Addy's incision. They obviously had to shave her gorgeous hair (which they saved for "Addy's first haircut") but it's right above her original incision which most of you know is completely covered by her hair! :o)

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