Monday, March 16, 2009

Can you spot what's missing???

For those of you who don't know, Addison came home after her shunt revision surgery the very next day - WITHOUT OXYGEN! She only needs to use her oxygen at night when she's sleeping. She's been doing fantastic without it! Addy has been doing pretty well post operative. She did have another stay in the hospital last week due to a fever however she was released after one night. Her Neurosurgeon didn't want to take any chances after just having surgery. We still have no idea what the fever was from however signs seem to be pointing to her teeth. She has FINALLY cut a tooth - just a very small part of it. I can't wait until it's poking out so you can see it when she smiles! Addy did go to the doctor today because she has a cough/runny nose however he said she's doing fine with it - her lungs sound clear and she isn't requiring any oxygen so we're just supposed to keep an eye on her and let it run it's course! In other exciting Addy news - she laughed for the first time last week! Full on laughter - it was great. Shelly was tickling her and she started giggling. Then today, I got her to laugh! It's the coolest thing to hear. Addy has an MRV this week to check on how her shunt is doing since the surgery. We're assuming well since she's back to her old self again!

I wanted to take another opportunity to remind everyone that we're walking in this year's March for Babies which benefits March of Dimes. Without March of Dimes and the research it has done - Addison would not be with us today. Please consider donating to March of Dimes via Addison's page at The money raised will help other babies, like Addison, get their chance. Believe me, I know times are tough - even if you can donate $1, it helps.

Love to all...

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