Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer, Summer, Summertime

Could it have been ANYMORE hot this past week?! Ugh. Usually Addison is wrapped up in a blanket while in the house. Not this week - she was chilling in short sleeved onesies! So, it was a relatively uneventful week this week. Addy is getting bigger by the minute. She's growing a lot lengthwise. We've successful eliminated Addy's midnight feed! It's so nice not having to get up after being in a peaceful sleep. She's adapted really well to it! Addy had an appointment with Dr. Madonna for a new g-tube on Thursday. They taught us how to put it in. We need to put a new one in every 4-5 months. It was super simple. Addy is officially discharged from Dr. Madonna's care. She only needs to be seen every other year or when she needs to have the g-tube permanently removed (whichever comes first). WOO HOO! We went and visited the NICU. We got to see Sarah, Beverly, Laurel, Tara and Katie M. It was pretty cool because everyone was commenting on how big Addy is and how she was following them with her eyes. Friday, Addy had her first official Physical Therapy appointment with Delores. She was really impressed with how well Addy is doing since the initial assessment over a month ago. Our focus is to be on Addy's 'trunk' for the time being and the neck control should follow shortly. She taught Shelly how to use the Yoga ball that she recommended and Addy did really well with it. Shelly said Addy did awesome the whole half hour but it definitely tired her out. Saturday was Addy's last day of Kindermusik. There is a Fall class that is 15 weeks long so we are hoping she will be able to participate in it as she LOVES Kindermusik! Today, we didn't do much. Went grocery shopping. Mom and I went to go see Mamma Mia! It was pretty good! I'd see it again. That's about all there is! Lots and lots of love to everyone!

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