Monday, December 1, 2008

Gobble Gobble Greetings!

We've all had a pretty good couple of weeks! I'll start with Addy. Addison had her 1 year check up with her pediatrician, Dr. Kershaw. Addy is 17 pounds and 2 ounces - 26 inches. OH MY GOSH. She is getting SO big. Addy is officially falling into the percentiles - even at her real age as opposed to her adjusted which is what the doctors usually compare Addy to. Dr. Kershaw was very impressed with Addy and how well she's doing. She gave us the go-ahead to feed her by mouth pretty much any time Addy is up for it. She also talked about changing Addy's formula to an 'older' baby formula however since Addy is still doing so well with the Enfamil Enfacare, she decided not to rock the boat. Especially since we just bought a bunch online! We are so happy that we chose Dr. Kershaw to be Addison's pediatrician. She makes decisions that include us instead of for us. Unfortunately, Addy had to get THREE shots while we were there. She got a flu shot, Hepatitis A and Pneumococcal vaccine. She got her 2nd dose of Synagis this past week and because she's gotten so big - Synagis is no longer one poke a month - it's now two! Poor girl. She's such a trooper though. Those that see Addy pretty regularily know that Addy pretty much NEVER cries. She's just a really happy baby so when she cries from a shot - it really breaks our heart!

Big news is Addy went to see Dr. Bowman - her Neurosurgeon. We were going for the results of Addy's MRV that she had to make sure the dialing up of Addy's shunt made her ventricles a bit larger (which will help her shunt stay in place). Dr. Bowman always starts the visit by testing Addy's tone. Just like the last visit - she was thrilled. No decrease and no increase in tone - it's exactly where it needs to be. She let us know that the MRV was great - the dialing up of the shunt did exactly what it needed to do and her ventricles are back to where she wants them. Dr. Bowman proceeded to tell us she wishes she could see Addison every month because she loves seeing her however at this point - unless Addy has any issues with her shunt - we don't have to go back for another SIX months! Dee Dee brought up that Addy's physical therapist and Dr. Kershaw had asked us to mention a possible helmet to help with Addy's head shape to see if it would improve her neck strength. We had brought this up to Dr. Bowman before - wondering if Addy would need a helmet - however Dr. Bowman saw no reason for it and she continues to have the same thought. She feels it would be strictly cosmetic and at this point in Addy's physical development, you probably wouldn't even notice a change in her head's shape nor would it "help" her hold her head up any quicker. In fact, Dr. Bowman said that Addison's head shape is actually not so much a result of laying on the sides (toaster head) but instead that her brain shape is what has molded her head shape. She said she thought Addy's doing GREAT with everything and being that Dr. Bowman doesn't sugar coat, her thoughts mean a lot to us. Dr. Bowman was most excited by how well Addison is doing eating by mouth. She's impressed that Addy is learning to drink from a cup. She actually said she was really proud of her.

Addy has an appointment with Dr. Stack - her Neurophysiologist - on the 10th. We did call her today to inquire on giving Addy her Phenobarb via her g-tube with water as opposed to mixed in food. Addy absolutely HATES the taste - who wouldn't?! We also let Dr. Stack know that Addy is still having a few seizures so she decided to up her medicine because the goal is for Addy to have NO seizures at all.

Dee Dee and I don't really have anything new going on. Work is REALLY busy right now. We definitely can't complain. We're happy to say that our 10 year anniversary is Thursday. Granny Nan and Auntie Shelly have agreed to watching Addy overnight while we celebrate in the city on the 13th. We're just going to do lunch and get pedicures, hang out at Navy Pier for a bit. We're going to stay the night at the W on the lake. It's going to be our first official night away from Addy since she's been home. YIKES! :o) I can't guarantee we won't pack up in the middle of the night and come home because we miss her!

Thanksgiving was great! My Aunt Shirley has been here for a week. My mom and Shirley cooked an amazing Thanksgiving lunch. We just hung out at home all day and relaxed. Dee Dee and Shelly went shopping at midnight to the Huntley outlets - couple of loons. We had a four day weekend so we did a lot of chilling around the house. Annie came to visit on Saturday night. Sunday we went to brunch then went to paint some pottery! It was a lot of fun!

OH - before I forget, my Mom's friend hung Christmas lights for us this year - it looks awesome. Definitely got us in the holiday spirit. We've started decorating and actually went to get our Christmas tree this evening!

I guess that's all there really is to report. Happy Birthday to Grandma Rose this week!

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Kevin said...

I just ADORE the mittens outfit! And that last picture of Addy looking into her mother's eyes while she's being read a story just says it all, doesn't it? Talk about precious moments!